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Emerging trends of photography in Vietnam

photography in vietnam

Camera is getting more affordable to the youth from light hobby shooters to enthusiasts as well as the professional who shoot for their living. This has help photography in Vietnam get a big blooming during the last few years.

Apart from that, the chance to get to know more professional over social media, personal blogs or in real life, the chance to join hundreds of free image sharing web services like Flickr, or Gurushots or NatGeo… have also created a big pool of ideas and shooting styles of photography in Vietnam and help to dramatically sharp up skills for Vietnamese photography lovers.

City scapes - Photography in vietnam
City scapes – Photography in vietnam – Photo: phuoctue

Take a quick search on Facebook, we would be able to see hundreds of groups related to photography in Vietnam. They varies from simple daily general styles to a more defined portrait to the sophisticated and well-prepared studio-like photo shoot sessions.

Photography in Vietnam – the common and emerging styles

  1. City-scape or urban landscape
  2. Sunset and sunrise
  3. Street life
  4. Seascape
  5. Portrait, from glamorous models under the sun to the sexy models in boudoir scripts
  6. Macro and close-up
  7. Film shooters
  8. Black and white or monochrome

The list of photography in Vietnam keep growing and growing everyday. Groups of enthusiast keeps growing everyday. And more prizes are won, more international acknowledges of the images.

Photography in Vietnam grows real fast also thanks to its abundance of nature beauties, the love of this art from the camera holders who always stay hungry for new skills, technologies and most importantly the new vantage points. is a service focus on photography and travelling. Our team will take you to the most unique and memorable venues provided by photography enthusiast who know what photographers need the most and will take you to explore the city as well as the best places around the country to. Let’s get to know Vietnam in real daily life and see the grow of photography in Vietnam.

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