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Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour

  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour

Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour is a one full day tour that will take you to Cu Chi, in which once symbolize the tenacious spirit of the Vietnamese soldiers during war times 40 years ago. Unlike other popular tours that will take you to the infamous Cu Chi Tunnel, the Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour will take you to the real practical living facts that represent modernized Cu Chi.

Cu Chi is a rural district serving as the Northwestern border of Ho Chi Minh City and is about one hour driving away from the city center. Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour will be a completely new perspective for you on Cu Chi like there are no wars ever happened. Join us to discover more!

Cu Chi, Saigon photo Tour highlights

Cu Chi, Saigon photo Tour


  • Bamboo curtain factory workshop
  • Rice paper factory workshop
  • Rubber latex collector bowl factory workshop
  • Bamboo basket weaving factory workshop

Gathering point

Palace of Culture

55 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., District 1, HCMC

Maximum: 10-12 people – to ensure everybody has much fun and space for good vantage points.
Fee: 99USD/pax

Payment: Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal.


  • Air-conditioned 16 seat transport bus
  • 1 main meal and one auxiliary meal
  • Bottled water and wet tissues
  • Model fee

Not Included

  • Extra personal expenses


  • At 6h30 departed from the Palace of Culture to Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour
  • Stop for breakfast along the way.
  • Taking pictures of the rice paper factory workshop. Nobody knows exactly when the rice paper making started at Phu Hoa Dong, only known that all the elderly of the commune know how to make rice paper since they were little girls. 2.500 families out of 4.800 families earn for their living by making rice paper. Though the rice paper here is not as famous as the rice paper made by its Tay Ninh province neighbor, but it has been a solid support for people life here.
  • Bamboo curtain at Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour: Started about 30 years ago, not too long for a village of the same skills, but the bamboo curtains from Tan Thong Hoi commune set them aside with the other of the same peer by its unique creative artists. The entire curtain are hand-made from picking the raw material, polishing, threading to decorating.
  • Lunch break
  • Bamboo-based products at Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour: For over 100 years, the traditional bamboo-based products village Thai My has been famous for its products such as tables, chairs, baskets, trays... The bamboo are planted around their house, the backyard, on the fields. When bamboo grows to the desired age, they are copped down and transfer to the workshop to cut, slice, polish... before moving to the hands of the workers to make the final products.
  • Rubber latex container bowl at Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour: Most poeple might think they are just simple bowl, but when you get there and see how they make the bowl with your naked eyes, you will realized that how sophisticated and how great this skills have in its nature.
  • Capture the sunset on the bridges on the East Water Tunnel zone of Cu Chi. This is the water way from Dau Tieng lake near by to serve fresh water for agriculture of the entire Cu Chi district.
  • Head back to Ho Chi Minh city. Arrive at Palace of Culture at around 19h30.

Prepare your gear

On Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour, you might need the following gears to capture the best moments home.

Suggested amounts
Tripod 1 Remember to have ball head and quick release plate ready
Remote release shutter 1 And battery for your remote (if applicable)
Lens 2+ Best to have an ultra-wide (16mm), wide to medium focal (35mm & 50mm) and a tele lens (135mm or 200mm) but you can pack as much as you need for your compositions
Filters 2+ CPL, GND and ND from 1 to 3 stops
Memory cards 2 Just in case the other card failed
Battery 2 Just in case the other one failed
Personal torch 1 Handful when the light is out

Special note:

The announced itinerary for Cu Chi, Saigon photo tour could be altered or modified on the day to adapt with the situations and weather conditions. We will always keep you aware of any changes along the way.

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