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Vietnam easternmost point, Phu Yen

  • Rice harvesting at O Loan Lagoon Phu Yen
  • Ganh Da Dia
  • Vietnam easternmost point, Mui Rang Dong, Phu Yen, Vietnam
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Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This is where the geographical Vietnam easternmost point and is 560 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City via No. 1 National Highway.
Phu Yen has a diverse landscape from sandy beaches, lagoons, river, mountains as well as fertile plains and visitors still be able to enjoy less modern life here while getting deeper into the northern countryside areas for a real local life.

Tour highlights

Vietnam easternmost point, Phu Yen

  • Catch the very first sunlight to reach the Vietnam easternmost point
  • Mui Dien lighthouse at the top of Vietnam easternmost point
  • Ca mountain pass
  • Vung Ro lagoon, a few kilometters from Vietnam easternmost point
  • Nhan ancient tower
  • Da Dia cliff with unique dish shape rocks
  • Mang Lang Church
  • Several small islands and beautiful peaceful beaches surrounded by moutain
  • Local foods: Tuna eyes, fish paste noodle soup

Gathering point

City East Bus Station (aka. Bến Xe Miền Đông)

292 Dinh Bo Linh street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Overnight bike parking is available at the bus station.

Maximum: 15 people – to ensure everybody has much fun and space for good vantage points. Either it is on the boat or on the road.

Fee: 159USD/pax

Payment: Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal.


  • Round trip air-conditioned bus with bed from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Yen
  • Air-conditioned 16 seat transport bus within Phu Yen
  • 5 main meals and 2 small meals with local specialities
  • Two-star hotel at Tuy Hoa city - capital of Phu Yen province
  • Entry fee to places of interest
  • Model and costume fee
  • Bottled water and wet tissue

Not Included

  • Extra personal expenses


Night 1 / Overnight bus to Phu Yen
At 17h00, gather at City East Bus Station (aka. Bến Xe Miền Đông) to catch the bus Phu Yen
Day 2 / Ho Chi Minh City - Mui Dien lighthouse - Yen island - Choi beach (550 Km)

Morning: Arrive at Mui Dien at 5h00 to shoot the sunrise. This is the mainland Vietnam easternmost point where catch the first sunrise of the day. This is also the landmark with shortest distance to the international waters.
Mui Dien lighthouse: Built on 1890 with a building block of 320 square meters on top of Vietnam easternmost point. Under the buiding is an underground water reservoir. Above the building is the solar power panels to supply electric for the lighthouse as well as the guards working here. The lighthouse tower can be reached via over 110 steps made of wood in spiral form. Reach to the top of the lighthouse for the best vantage point over the Vietnam easternmost point area.

Have breakfast at the foot of Mui Dien. Check out Mon Beach (Bai Mon) next to Vietnam easternmost point and right under the foot of Mui Dien with mild waves and white sands. The sea water here usually clean and clear, which is also a special characteristic of the beaches along Central coastlines.
Move to Vung Ro Bay. This is a famous sea port area not only for Phu Yen city but also for the Central part of Vietnam. The bay is surrounded by the mountains around its East, West and North side. The South side of the bay is also well covered by Nua Island. This help the bay to stay calm all year long which is best for boats and ship to anchor. During the war time, the bay is an important checkpoint of the Ho Chi Minh sea route, which accepted hundred tons of weapons transported from the North to support for the southern war zone.
Move to Tuy Hoa city: Visit Nhan tower. This is a remained Champa relic which was build around 11 to 12 century on a flat land near Nhan mountain.

Lunch: Have lunch at Tuy Hoa city. Check in to your hotel room and take a break

Afternoon: Depart for a photo session at Yen island and Sun island.
Yen island and Sun island are one of many small yet beautiful wild islands near Phu Yen. From time to time, the mountain pointed to the sea was carved out by the waves and become 2 small island 100 meters away from the shore. They look like a couple reaching each other lovingly and when the tide gets low, we can walk to Yen island and see the corals still hanging on to the rocks along the way.
Creatively shoot the Ho Chao cliff with an impressive deep blue water hole.
Wait and capture the sunset with sea weeds on Yen island.

Night: Have dinner and free to explore Tuy Hoa city.
Day 3 / Da Dia Cliff, Xep beach, Lao island, Ho Chi Minh City (580 Km)

Morning: Catch the sunrise above Da Dia Cliff (Dish shape rocky cliff). The cliff is one of a few famous unique cliff around the world. The cliff is created by active volcano with hot lava. When the hot lava reached the sea water, the sudden change in temperature and pressure has formed the lava in to interesting dish shapes in the cliff.
Move to Mang Lang Church: Famous for its Gothic architectual style and is one of the oldest church in Vietnam. The church is keeping the valuable first book with Vietnamese scripts. Based on the introduction here, the church is built on 1892 and the name of the church is adopted to a popular tree which was cultivated in the area thousand years ago.

Breakfast time. Visit Xep beach: The beach is only about 500 metters long but still stay untouched with black rock surrounding both ends. The black rocks look like small moutains that encouter the waves which create dramatic high white water splashes. The black rocks reach a couples of meters toward the sea and form well wind-free seats – exceptional places for couples to enjoy the sea.

Lunch time: Stop over at Tuy An.
Afternoon: Photo session at Phuoc Dong beach. Take the boat to Lao island. The island is called “Robinson island” becaused it has only two houses here. The island is covered by higher moutains with old green trees, white sand beaches with clear waters that corals can be seen from above.

Evening: Dinner time.
Depart to Ho Chi Minh city on bus with comfortable beds.
Arrives at the City East bus station in Ho Chi Minh city.

Prepare your gear

Suggested amounts
Tripod 1 Remember to have ball head and quick release plate ready
Remote release shutter 1 And battery for your remote (if applicable)
Lens 2+ Best to have an ultra-wide (16mm) and a tele lens (135mm or 200mm) but you can pack as much as you need for your compositions
Memory cards 2 Just in case the other card failed
Battery 2 Just in case the other one failed
Personal torch 1 Handful when the light is out
Hiking shoes 1 Take a 20-minute walk in the dark to reach Vietnam easternmost point before sunrise

Special note:

The announced itinerary could be altered or modified on the day to adapt with the situations and weather conditions. We will always keep you aware of any changes along the way.

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