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Tips for interesting Saigon photo tour – P.2

Saigon Photo Tour - city tour - Historical places

To continue with the previous part of tips for Saigon photo tour, let’s see if you can spot a small difference from the two images shared below. All taken during a Saigon photo tour back in 2008 on a summer afternoon after a cool summer shower.

Saigon photo tour
Binh Tay Market – Saigon photo tour. Photo by Tue Nguyen


Saigon photo tour
A happy but shy street vendor near Binh Tay market – Saigon Photo Tour. Photo by Tue Nguyen

Spot anything? Grainy images? Dynamic range seem to be wider? Yes. I shot with film and scanned as is. Not a single pixel touched.

Saigon Photo tour – Make it even more interesting

Use a film camera if you have one

I spot an old Nikon film camera with a kit lens in the cupboard, the rubber grip was sticky melted, probably by moisture after a long time storage. That inspire me to play with film. Coincidentally a friend of mine was organizing a walking tour, not really a Saigon photo tour, but actually a tour to explore Saigon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. So I grab the camera, buy a regular roll of Fujifilm and head over to the meeting point.

The interesting facts here are the film grains and color, in harmony with the historical old background blocks in Saigon created a vintage look of the city in modern time. Like it or not will all depends on how you yourself looking at the city during the Saigon Photo Tour and not on others’ judgement.

Get yourself on higher ground

Saigon photo tour is for sure purely a walk over the flowing life of the city, but what if you can watch it from higher ground? Get on the overpass along the route and see life goes on from a new interesting perspective. Rooftop cafes or bars also work best be fast and determined because several rooftop bars are not welcoming guests with tripods and big black heavy cameras.

Relax - Saigon Photo Trip by Tue Nguyen
Relax – Saigon Photo Trip by Tue Nguyen

Photo taken while I was passing Khanh Hoi Bridge while spotting a woman relaxing herself at the end of the day.

Underground, under construction - Saigon Photo Trip
Underground, under construction – Saigon Photo Trip by Tue Nguyen

The first metro way of the country is under construction right in front of the infamouse Rex Hotel. I had to spend an over-budget lunch from a rooftop restaurant to get a spot here.

Felling adventurous? Step into the alleys!

Saigon photo tour might or might not take you here will depends on the common sense of the leader, and of course if you really want to. If you are on your own and you insist on getting into the alleys, consider yourself a “The-best-ridicu-risk-taker of the year”. Deep in the alleys deep at night are always mysterious for non-local guys. You will be in great luck to have a local guide along, step your self and dip your lens into that.

Night in the alley - Saigon Photo Tour
Night in the alley – Saigon Photo Tour, by Tue Nguyen

Hope you have enjoying the tips. Let’s move on and book a Saigon photo tour with us now.

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